Features of traveling by Euroclub coaches: to Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Belgium.

Unfortunately, quarantine forced all people in the whole world to change their way of life. Euroclub continues to operate routes with features that you can see in this article.

1. Passengers are allowed on board only if they have health insurance policy, ticket and mask. You can buy the policy in our offices, we guarantee its coverage. You can buy bus tickets in our offices, on web-site with nice discounts and at the box office. Ticket price includes free transportation from 40 up to 60 kg of luggage, depending on promotions and actions.
2.  Nowadays, all categories of passengers can travel from Europe to Ukraine. This means that all passengers can cross the border without any problems.
3. All passengers with biometric passports who have a work permit, residence permit, marriage certificate, car purchase and availability, foreign citizens can travel to Europe via Hungary and Austria. Traveling via Poland is possible only for passengers with residence permit in a country of the European Union, citizens with a European passport and bus drivers.
4. To travel to Croatia and Hungary, passenger must have coronavirus test result (done not more than 48 hours before departure) or agree to self-isolation for 14 days.

Instead of a bus ticket unused during the epidemic, you can:
- send luggage,
- get certificate for any of our services
- get an open date ticket valid for 1 the year.

Our drivers undergo regular medical examinations and buses are disinfected.
Information on our web-site is constantly updated.