Boarding begins 1 hour before departure. Numbers of seats are fixed in tickets.
All passengers are required to have paid tickets.
All coaches are equipped with audio-video system, air conditioning and toilet.
During the trip there will be technical stops every 3-4 hours. Stops are declared by the driver.
All passengers are required to wear seat belts.
Rules of customs control

During the trip you will pass customs and border control. It is strictly forbidden to start negotiations with officials, make photos and videos with cameras, mobile phones, and smartphones.
By border control, as well as by boarding the bus passengers have to present passport with necessary visas. It is prohibited to export / import of weapons, drugs, pornography, products requiring special permits for export / import, in the absence of such permits.
Children under 16 traveling without parents must have notary certified statement from both parents (original).
Tickets and rules of confirming return departure date.

Ticket is a nominal document and can not be used by another person. It is prohibited to make any corrections in the ticket, except for authorized persons. All passengers, who purchased tickets with fixed date of return departure, are obliged to confirm the date of return departure not later than 72 hours before the departure date, by phones of the company representative. Passengers with open tickets, have to book departure date at the offices of the company or in wrighting on e-mail or Viber or Skype.
Change of the date of departure is a paid service; the charge is 315 UAH or 10 euros in term 24h before departure. In case of failure of a visa, the prepaid amount will not be refunded, because these circumstances have occurred through no fault of the carrier. As well, according to the "Conditions of Carriage", if the passenger cancels the trip at own initiative; he will be payout the cost of travel in retaining some charges indicated on the ticket or invoice.
Open ticket is valid for 6 months from the date of sale.
Company reserves the right to sell reserved and unpaid seats.

Lost or spoild ticket  by written statement  can be changed to duplikat, price of duplicate 10 euro, duplicate  open date ticket – 20 euro


Ticket price includes 2 standard pieces 80 * 40 * 40, weighing up to 40 kg.
Excess luggage is charged 1 euro for every extra kg. Extra volume, exceeding the norm, is also charged.
You are forbidden to carry:
  • alcohol, more than 1 liter per person;
  • tobacco products, more than 2 packs per person;
  • caviar, more than 1 can per person;
  • flammable and explosive substances;
  • meat and dairy products;
  • animals without proper documents and cage;
  • objects of cultural, artistic or historical value without proper authorization;
  • Consignment.